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New Lower Price

At IKEA, we always strive to reduce costs without impacting quality. From design and production to packaging and transportation. So, when you see "We have lowered our price", it means that we have managed to offer you your favourite product for less.

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This is how we are able to reduce our product prices, without impacting their quality.


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Our challenge is to do more with less

Together with our suppliers, we try new ways of making the most of our resources. We seek sustainable solutions through the improvement of production processes, reducing waste and reinventing materials. In addition, the best thing is that a more efficient use of resources is good for both the planet and for reducing costs.

Our goal is to save our customers time and money

Our goal is to save time and money

At IKEA, we continuously question existing solutions. By making our furniture easier to assemble, our manufacturing becomesmore efficient and our packaging more practical to streamline transport, therefore, we contribute by polluting less, as well as saving our customers time and money.

Our commitment

We are constantly seeking new methods and solutions to obtain resources, materials and food in a responsible manner that protects the environment and enables us to produce products that are accessible to all.

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Our providers

We are concerned about the welfare of those who work with us. We believe that good ideas may come from anywhere; together with our suppliers, we constantly seek new and smart ways to improve.

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Our philosophy

¿Did you know that we have a way of doing things? We call it IWAY (IKEA way). It consists of manufacturing affordable and sustainable products, so that people can enjoy a better everyday life, keeping in mind the limits of the planet.

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