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Enjoy with Christmas decoration

Christmas is almost here, and we're looking forward to spending the festive season with our friends and relatives… Make a wish!


Estrella de Navidad rodeada de adornos de Navidad
  • "A Winter full of excitement and surprises"

Excitement all around

The streets are full of people and excitement is in the air. The cities are brightly lit, while children dream of snow. Winter and Christmas are just around the corner. Are you ready for the season?


Decorate your living room with our ideas, and have a wonderful Christmas

Christmas is the best reason of the year to spend time with your family. Don't miss out – celebrate with your loved ones and make tons of happy memories! You will look back at them with a smile. Decorating your home for the festive season is a big part of the fun. Start with lights, plants, textiles and accessories for your living room.

Caja con adornos de Navidad, piñas, cintas navideñas, flores...



Carrito y estantería con papeles de regalo, lazos y bolsas navideñas

A Christmas time full of presents!

Make your presents look as good on the outside as they do on the inside! Add your personal touch with any of the gift wrap options from the VINTER 2018 collection. If you want to add extra protection, you can use gift boxes decorated with seasonal prints, like tartan. You can also add a finishing touch with accessories like ribbons, bows and tags. If you have to transport your gifts, why not  use matching gift bags? Or if you're keeping them at home, make sure they blend in with your living room decorations on a HEMNES shelf.


IKEA LANKMOJ gift tags


IKEA ANILINARE note pad A lot to remember? A note pad can be a big help.


IKEA GIVANDE gift wrap roll

  • "Accessories that will transform your home"

Decoración con hojas, ramas y flores de Navidad

Christmas accessories, add a magic touch

Bringing the festive spirit into your home is so easy. You can create rooms full of magic, thanks to the many Christmas decoration options available at IKEA. You can start with your favourite artificial wreaths and combine them with natural plants. You can also use lighting chains to highlight your decorations. Make them sparkle!



A fresh new room for both of you

Your bedroom is crying out for a change! Winter is just around the corner but maybe you haven't pulled out the duvet yet. Upgrade your room quickly and easily with new styles fast and easy by changing your textiles. Add vibrancy with lighting and plants.

Decoración floral navideña en un dormitorio con sábanas azules y blancas

  • "A time for getting together and families"

Getting together and enjoying the company

We are sure you are looking forward to this time of the year to get together with those who live far from you and whom you haven't seen for a while. Maybe your whole family gathers together, or perhaps you prefer smaller gatherings. Either way, we bring you ideas to help you enjoy the winter season with your family.


The dining room, a family hub

During this season your dining room hosts the most exciting family gatherings of the year. Make your table setting as original as it can be and impress your guests! Choose your favourite tableware, cutlery and table linens. Add plants and lights to make your table setting even more vibrant. Dare to combine this winter's most on-trend prints like tartan or flowers. Not your style? Don't worry, we have another option for you. Using green and burgundy shades with golden accessories works every time! 


Mesa navideña con vajilla de diseño y cristalería de diseño y mantel azul oscuro

  • "New year's Eve with your friends"

The time for fun and merriment

Do you love celebrating New Year's Eve with your friends? If so, setting the table for this long-awaited dinner will be a piece of cake! Choose your favourite tableware, glassware and cutlery, and take it wherever you like! If you have different preferences and don't know where to start, you can always combine white with gold and silver shades. It works every time! 


Mesa de Nochevieja con Cava, cubitera, platos y decoración navideña