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Ideas for a sustainable bedroom

Although you might think otherwise, it's getting easier and easier to shop sustainably, and even more so at IKEA. If you're planning on renovating your bedroom or just fancy giving it a new look, our products are made with materials and processes that are kinder to our planet, all while keeping up with current trends. Take note of these decorating ideas and join our movement towards a more sustainable home!

Natural material textiles


Flax is a type of breathable material that is soft to the touch and helps to absorb the moisture produced by our bodies while we sleep. It's also a renewable natural fibre, so when you need to buy bed textiles such as sheets or duvet covers, we recommend this natural material, as well as others such as cotton (from sustainable sources) and lyocell.

Look for our family of PUDERVIVA linen sheets!

A duvet made from recycled materials


Duvet tog can make all the difference for a deep, restful sleep on a cold night. And, the truth is, every person is better suited to one type or another. To find out which is best for you, we recommend factoring in the ambient temperature of your home as well as your body temperature when you sleep.

In terms of sustainability, the most recommended duvets are those filled with recyclable materials, like polyester duvet filling (we have some that are easy wash and sourced from 100% recycled materials) or lyocell, which is perfect for people who suffer from any allergies to conventional fabrics.

A conscious choice to sleep well


As we said, by choosing natural materials, you'll not only improve your quality of sleep and well-being but you'll also help the planet. The cotton that we use for our duvets and sheets, for example, is recommended to avoid allergies but is also more sustainably sourced. This means that cotton is recycled or grown with less water, less fertiliser and fewer pesticides, all while increasing profit margins for farmers.

A unique ergonomic pillow


We all sleep differently: some of us sleep on our back, some on our side and some of us constantly change position throughout the night. Trying an ergonomic pillow, designed for whichever way you sleep, could be an investment that will help you rest better and make better sustainable decisions in the future. What's more, if you choose RUMSMALVA, as an additional benefit, its memory foam is made of surplus materials from mattress production, reducing the use of new raw materials.

Is there a secret recipe for better sleep? Well, there's a recipe, but it's no secret. It's clean air, silence, light and temperature and, of course, comfort. So, something as simple as a new pillow can make all the difference.

Gretchen Broussard, IKEA Interior Designer

More sustainable mattresses


Here at IKEA, we want to be more sustainable and bring this lifestyle to all homes. That is why we manufacture mattresses made from natural materials such as wool, latex, coconut fibre and cotton, from more sustainable sources.

Furniture made from natural materials


Choosing bamboo or rattan furniture is one way to create a more sustainable and lasting home, as they are both durable materials. For example, you could choose a bamboo wardrobe like NORDKISA or a trolley like LUBBAN, made from renewable, handwoven rattan.

Rugs are important too


Rugs can last a lifetime if properly taken care of. If you're looking for sustainability too, here's one made from recycled cotton. Take a look at all our rugs!

The appearance of nature itself


The ability to turn your bedroom into a peaceful, comfortable haven is in your hands thanks to furniture and decorative accessories reminiscent of nature. To help you, we have a series of products that we have designed and manufactured in an environmentally responsible way, following the latest trends in home furnishing. Made from renewable materials such as rattan, algae, banana fibre, jute or bamboo, many of them are handwoven by skilled artisans.

Want to see our other sustainable products? Here are seven more products for your entire home, which will help you to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

We love it when customers use our products in a creative way. Why not try to do something new with them yourself? But remember that any modifications or changes that you make to IKEA products will prevent them from being resold or used for their original purpose, thus invalidating IKEA product warranties and your right to return them.