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Decorate your Christmas dining table

Would you like to decorate your table for this Christmas or for another special occasion? By coordinating colours and prints in table linens, bowls and plates, tumblers, glasses and cutlery, you will be certain to impress your guests.

Find out how to decorate your table

For any celebration, make your table the star of the show. Use tableware in different colours and designs to create an even more interesting combination. And remember! Your Christmas tableware must include glasses.

Decorate your table and impress your guests

Remember that your guests are the focus of this celebration. Be daring and impress them by making your own table centrepiece with plants and flowers this Christmas. Don’t forget the finishing touches; you can, for example, add place cards with the name of each guest, or give everyone a small gift.

Everyone to the table, please

Any celebration involves spending several hours around the table, so don’t forget to make your guests comfortable. Make the seating even more comfortable by adding cushions to match your home décor. And if extra guests arrive, a couple of stools can come in handy.

Get this season’s on-trend look

Cheers! Find some attractive glasses for the occasion. Give your table a touch of elegance with hints of gold on your tableware.

Bring personality to your table with the addition of small details. A glass bell is a perfect choice. You can change your table decoration according to the season.

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