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Sell us the IKEA furniture you no longer need

Selling your IKEA furniture has never been so quick and easy! Forget about wasting time on annoying messages and meeting up with strangers. It's as easy as using our buyback estimator to see what you can earn and bringing the furniture to the IKEA store of your choice.

You don't need the original purchase receipt either, just follow these steps to see how much your IKEA furniture could be worth now. Next, bring the assembled furniture and the estimate to the IKEA store of your choice and we will exchange it for an IKEA gift card for the agreed amount.

 *You can check the estimated value of your furniture in our appraisal tool. The final repurchase value will be determined by your IKEA store after evaluating your furniture.


A second life

Looking to part with your old IKEA furniture? If it's still in good condition, give it a second life and minimize the contribution to landfill. We will give you an IKEA voucher and re-sell the item for you.
A second life
Before you start estimating your product, please check the list below.
  • Your item is an IKEA product
  • It's clean and assembled
  • Care about the planet enough...
A second life