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Metal shelving units

The strength and versatility of their design make IKEA metal shelving units the perfect storage solution. We have a whole host of models to make sure your shelving is perfectly suited to the needs and style of your home.

Choose the style of your shelving

Need help choosing your shelving units? Below you'll find information about each of our metal shelving ranges, including their main features and customer reviews.

Metal shelving unit with pots and plants

HYLLIS: metal shelving units suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

HYLLIS shelving units are made from galvanised steel, making them perfectly suited for your patio. Have you seen our HYLLIS shelving unit set featuring a waterproof cover?

★★★★★ Practical, functional and durable

"A perfect storage solution with an understated, stylish design, and great for decorating with a few plants too", Jess2

OMAR metal shelving units for kitchens and pantries

OMAR: modular shelving units that can be assembled in seconds

OMAR modular metal shelving units are incredibly easy to assemble — you don't even need screws or tools to install them.

  • Suitable for bathrooms
  • Adjustable shelf height
  • Adjustable feet for improved stability

★★★★★ The best modular metal shelving unit I've ever bought

"I've been buying OMAR shelving modules for the past two years now, and I'm really happy with them. They're easy to assembly, aesthetically pleasing and affordable", CLV

Black metal shelving unit with boxes and binders

BROR: all-purpose shelving

BROR shelving units are incredibly strong and can withstand heavy loads, ideal for holding large, weighty objects.

These metal shelving units are modular, so sections and shelves can easily be added to adapt to your needs Plus, if you prefer, you can combine the metal frame with wooden shelves to give your shelving a less industrial feel.

Using our planner, you can create your own, customised combination of modules and see how they'd look in your home.

★★★★★ Easy to assemble, functional and durable

"Despite being so lightweight, it's really easy to assemble and install. Its look suits any kind of storage area, casual living space or home office. It can hold a lot of weight, making it really useful in pantries or garages", gbsGlòria

Metal shelving unit in the bathroom with towels and accessories

JONAXEL: perfect for the whole house, even in the bathroom

JONAXEL storage system shelving units are suitable for any room in the house, even the bathroom.

These shelving units are made from steel, an incredibly tough material, ensuring your shelving lasts for years.

★★★★★ It's a great, multifunctional accessory

"I loved it from the moment I saw it in the catalogue. It's simple and provides a solution for loads of situations. It's also durable", Jodger

Industrial-style metal shelving

FJÄLLBO: a metal shelving unit with a rustic, industrial-style design

If there's one thing that defines FJÄLLBO shelving it has to be its design and industrial style, which are loved by everyone. The units are designed using both steel and solid wood, guaranteeing their durability.

★★★★☆ Practical, strong, stylish and affordable

"Its modular design, great price and sleek appearance alone are enough to make this product stand out", Antonio1111

Metal shelving unit with glass shelves

VITTSJÖ: the metal shelving unit that pairs with any style

The design for VITTSJÖ series shelving units is based on straight lines and simplicity. Which is why they're so versatile, they tie in perfectly with any style.

These metal shelving units are made from a combination of metal and tempered glass, both of which are extremely strong materials, ensuring your shelving lasts for years and years.

★★★★☆ VITTSJÖ is the best

"I bought this item a few months ago. I love the VITTSJÖ series and I'm buying the entire collection bit by bit. I think they're highly affordable, good-quality minimalist pieces of furniture that are easy to assemble. They go well with a modern home furnishings", SaraVLC

White metal shelving unit with drawers

FJÄLKINGE: the all-in-one metal shelving unit

A shelving unit with integrated drawers is the perfect solution for keeping the things you use the most to hand, displaying decorative accessories and safely storing objects you don't use regularly.

  • Adjustable shelf height
  • Adjustable drawer height
  • Drawers feature integrated dampers, allowing them to close slowly and softly

★★★★★ Functional design for a great price

"Everyone who visits the house is fascinated by it and asks me where I bought it", MariaP40

White metal shelving unit with office supplies and a stool

BEKANT: metal shelving units for professional use

BEKANT shelving units are approved for office use as they meet the high standards for quality and durability. They're perfect for holding your office supplies.

10-year guarantee logo

BEKANT shelving units come with a 10-year guarantee. Take a look at the guarantee details.

Outdoor metal shelving unit with pots, plants and a watering can

KOLBJÖRN: retro-style shelving units for both indoor and outdoor use

Combining an industrial-retro style, KOLBJÖRN metal shelving units are perfect within the home, as well as on a patio or balcony.

The units are made from galvanised steel — a highly resistant, durable material.

★★★★☆ Durable and easy to assemble

"I bought these shelves for my patio and I'm really happy. They're sturdy and easy to assemble", 39Selu

    How to decorate shelving units

    Shelving units are not only a great storage solution, but they also serve as another decorative item that can be incorporated into any room of the home. In this video, we'll show you a few pointers for decorating your shelves.

    Sturdy, practical metal shelving units

    Say goodbye to stacks of boxes and scattered equipment. Keep everything organised with BROR, the strongest, sturdiest industrial metal shelving we've ever created. It can hold anything, even bags of cement (yes, that's what we used to test their strength). It's heavy-duty shelving with a light price tag.

    High-quality metal shelving units

    Thanks to their high-quality, versatile design, our metal shelving units are suitable for all kinds of uses, such as for store rooms, offices, patios or businesses. What's more, at IKEA, you can buy your shelves online and we'll deliver them for a great price.

    Or if you'd prefer, come in-store and we'll advise you on which shelving unit best suits your needs. With our metal shelving units, you can organise, store, display and store anything and everything you can think of. Choose IKEA! Choose quality!