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Equality, diversity and inclusion turns our workplace into a home

At IKEA, you’re welcome no matter where you come from, what you believe, what you look like and who you like to snuggle up in front of the TV with. We don’t even care how you organise your kitchen cupboards. We’re interested in you simply because you’re you.

A diverse group of IKEA co-workers walking through the self service department of an IKEA store.

Diversity is good for everyone

Welcoming differences is not just good for you, it’s good for us too. We’ve learned that diverse teams have more and better ideas and help us understand and support our customers better. They also help us grow as an organisation. After all, everyone has a different way of looking at the world. So, who knows? Perhaps your unique take on something could lead to a great idea that helps make customers’ and co-workers’ lives at home a little bit better.

An inclusive workplace is a better workplace

As a co-worker we don’t want you just getting through the day, we want you to thrive, and this is only possible if you feel safe and can truly be yourself. And once we’ve brought you on board, we want you to stick around, because we’re planning on doing great things together.

Two IKEA co-workers, one with blue hair, enjoying a glass of water in the staff canteen.

Building a gender equal business

We’re committed to ensuring equal opportunities for both women and men, and reaching a 50/50 gender balance in all countries, levels and positions, including boards and committees. We’re also members of the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC) and have pledged to secure gender equal pay throughout Ingka Group. To make sure we get there, we rolled out a framework for gender equal pay in all Ingka Group countries in 2019.

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Two IKEA co-workers, one with dreadlocks, leaning forward and chatting.
Two IKEA co-workers, one in a yellow top and one in a blue top, packing items in cardboard packaging.
IKEA co-worker in yellow IKEA top and blue vest smiling with her glasses pushed up on her head.
Middle aged IKEA co worker talking to customers while wearing a yellow top and blue scarf.
An IKEA cashier in a hijab enjoying a laugh with a customer at the check out.
Find out more about our social impact