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Create the right atmosphere with scented candles

Scents are a powerful way to create a feeling in any space; different scents bring different moods. Discover how our new scented candles – made in collaboration with British designer Ilse Crawford – can create your desired atmosphere at home. You can keep the containers even after the candles burn out and reuse them in new ways.

A Scandinavian-style dining area with lit ADLAD scented candles and tealights on top of a dining table, by a large window.
A Scandinavian-style dining area with lit ADLAD scented candles and tealights on top of a dining table, by a large window.

A crackling fire and the great outdoors

Slow down and relax after a busy day with an ENSTAKA scented candle. With a mix of earthy, smoky and sweet notes, it creates a calm and tranquil atmosphere inspired by wilderness and warming fires. A perfect companion for a quiet moment of reflection, anywhere at home.

An ENSTAKA scented candle in a glass jar, notebooks and a pair of glasses on a black coffee table by a fireplace.

A dream of Scandinavian forests

Let an ADLAD scented candle transport you to idyllic Scandinavian forests. Cypress, leather and spicy citrus notes come together in this nature-inspired scent. Optimistic, comforting and curious, it is a flexible scent that can be used across the home.

An ADLAD scented candle in a ceramic jar and a clear vase with leafy branches on a dining table close to a window.

The possibilities of fresh grass

Refreshing, energising and uplifting. A HEDERSAM scented candle’s fresh green notes reminiscent of cut grass awaken the senses. Place it at your workspace at home or wherever you need to focus, or while cleaning and organising to set an upbeat mood.

A HEDERSAM scented candle in a glass jar on a dark wooden surface with a leafy plant in the background.

Sweet and cosy vanilla hugs

Just like a hug from a friend, a JÄMLIK scented candle is cosy, warm and pampering. With a mix of vanilla, warm milk and coconut notes, it’s wonderful for creating a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere at home.

A JÄMLIK scented candle in a glass jar and a glass of coffee on a table made of natural materials.

Luxurious and elegant jasmine

Jasmine, pear, lily of the valley and powdery notes come together in a LUGNARE scented candle. A tasteful home fragrance, it helps create a luxurious atmosphere that feels pleasant and airy. Light it up while dressing up, when hosting, or whenever you just want to treat yourself.

A LUGNARE scented candle in a ceramic jar on a sunny table and a clear vase with branches of white flowers in the background.

Bring on the fun with berries

A STÖRTSKÖN scented candle brings a smile to everyone’s face with its playful and bright fragrance composed of red berries, raspberry, leafy greens and violet. Its cheerful scent helps create a light-hearted atmosphere, perfect for parties or casual get-togethers with family and friends.

A STÖRTSKÖN scented candle in a glass jar on a table set for a celebration with a berry cake, piles of plates and glasses.

Which mood would you like to have today?

Now you know that different scents bring different atmospheres – giving a whole new dimension to your living space. Discover our range of scented candles for every mood and every feeling.

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A hand lighting three ENSTAKA scented tealights with a match on a table with a vase with pine branches.
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