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A calm home in the busy city

Harmony in your home helps balancing life in a busy city. See how you arrange a living room to be space-efficient, handle a lot of storage – and still be a place of relaxation and comfort.

Doors with bamboo latticework add a new, eye-catching dimension to the IVAR storage system. Besides being decorative, the screen doors enable you to find a tailored combination of open, semi-transparent, and closed storage.

A sleek coffee table – that adds extra personalisation and storage opportunities – can serve as the perfect room-divider in a small home.

Shared space calls for flexible solutions. A row of cabinets hold accessories for multiple activities and make a nearby table a surface fit for all.

Without a permanent workspace, make it an easy switch. Have all you need in a handy package to go from social corner to study station in seconds.

Roller blinds can form an effective room divider and block out some light when it’s time to sleep.