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A 24-hour living space with standout storage

A grey living space with an IKEA PLATSA white media storage combination and a pink sofa.

When your living room is also your bedroom, you need smart storage solutions. Modular storage, sofa beds and seating units with secret compartments are just a few ways you can clear up space and stretch out to relax.

A white IKEA PLATSA media storage combination with closed doors, glass doors, and a TV-bench for a flexible storage solution.

Mix and match your media storage with your clothes: this PLATSA combination comes with one closed unit for your clothes, and a glass door cabinet for the things you want to show off. It’s the best of both worlds, right?

An IKEA SLÄKT light grey seat module, with castors and padded cushion, opened to reveal the storage space within.

Storage compartments are a small space’s secret weapon. SLÄKT seat modules can store cushions and bedding for sofa beds. You can roll them around the home too, since they come on castors.

It’s all about finding your flow. A portable laptop pillow helps you move from the kitchen to the living room, so you can multitask while watching TV, send some last minute emails...or catch up on the latest social media trends before bed.

An open IKEA LYCKSELE sofa bed, with grey bedding, dark grey curtains and block out blinds.

Curtains are a great way to divide your 24-hour living space into different areas. Here, we installed curtains, so if someone is working, you won’t be disturbed by the light. You can use a combination of curtains and block out blinds for a darker environment.