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Big storage opportunties for your big kitchen

The VADHOLMA kitchen island and storage units can be added on for more storage and kitchen counterspace. It's a flexible worktop space of many functions: prep meals, do homework, socialise, and keep utensils up top and on the bottom.

Sit on one side of the kitchen island to eat or work, and use the other for food prep and storage with the open storage shelves below. Hang utensils on the rack above, or choose to keep things open.

IKEA VADHOLMA light wood wine racks with removable shelves.

For all those collectors and connoisseurs: this storage unit comes with a shelf, so you can turn storage space into a wine case.

IKEA LERHYTTAN black cabinet door fronts and a three-shelf VADHOLMA open storage unit squeezed in between two doors.

Make use of every shelf you have, no matter how small. Cookbooks and magazines can be wedged in between the cabinets for inspiration. Or organise your monthly bills (just don’t leave them behind).