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A kitchen fit for open plan living

When a kitchen is organised, your time can go to food and friends and not hunts and hassles. Don’t be afraid to be bold, both in cuisine and in kitchen design.

If you’re the type that likes to entertain, an extendable table helps make room for company. Hang pendant lamps at different heights to bring a playful air to straight table edges and brittle backsplash.

Open storage lets you decide what to keep within easy reach. Crates and clear jars let you know what you’re running low on.

Installing built-in lighting is ideal when you have dark wood details. Be able to see all your cutlery at a glance, even in the dark for a late night snack.

IKEA NYVATTNET golden-brass sink tap and HÄLLVIKEN deep black quart kitchen sink.

Dare to mix brass, black and concrete. A brass sink pops with a deep black sink and concrete countertop. It’s unexpected and bold (and it looks good).

Play with different colour sand textures when choosing kitchen utensils and accessories: black, brass, stone, metal and hearty wood. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!