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Work, study and hobbies in one tidy spot

Limited space calls for clever organising, especially when different activities share the same space. A HEMNES desk offers the functionality to keep everything in check, and the style to keep you inspired. Add a few items in the same series, and create a practical, good-looking and matching workplace anywhere in your home.

Hand holding a phone over a desktop where the cables of a lamp and a wireless phone charger disappear into the desk.

Cables may power your devices – but seeing too many of them can easily steal energy from you. A wireless charger and built-in cable-management let you focus on work without distractions.

Spacious drawers help to keep things organised – from cables and pens to papers and folders – also when needs vary from one activity to the next. Solid wood and timeless design make it blend into any home environment.

A bookcase or two will not only add accessible storage space. Matched with the desk in both look and details, they naturally go well together.

Effective work requires effective pauses. Devote a corner of the room for relaxing, inspiring breaks between sessions. Or a seat for a friend.

A sideboard keeps a mountain of stuff organised and out of sight while its top surface offers a spot for the beautiful things you want to show off.