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An office for bosses both big and small

Like any part of the home, an office is a shared space and should be flexible for the whole family. Invite your children to work alongside you — and blend both work and play with adjustable and functional furniture.

Adjust the height of this desk with a press of a button (or with an app). It’s a flexible sit-stand solution, and family-friendly for many different heights. Just don’t be surprised if you have to raise the desk after a coffee break!

Carve out a space to store all your office supplies. A glass cabinet lets you see everything at a glance.

Get inspired in the office by arranging your favourite art pieces, both new and old. Hang your artwork in an ascending line, or however you like. The chalkboard is the centrepiece here — and it’s practical too, since it has everyone’s schedule written on it!

Rounded edges make this rollable storage space child-friendly. The deep cabinet top comes with an edge to prevent things from falling over — and let you furnish the surface with plants, or pencil holders.

The IKEA YPPERLIG children’s play table is crafted from light beech wood and designed with dark red legs. Fit the small desk and chair into the office!

Children can have their own workspace, too! This family created a dedicated place for their children to conduct business while they work. It’s like taking your kid to work — just at home.