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Hallway storage for the streetwear shoe lover

IKEA GREJIG black net shoe rack and white ANABODA small wardrobe closet are small space solutions to organise your tiny hallway without feeling crowded.

Here’s a hallway full of soul: it’s filled to the brim with shoes, collectibles...and more shoes. See how you can keep your small space entryway organised. The key? Stackable shoe racks and a whole lot of hooks.

Stackable racks and a whole bunch of boxes are a shoe lover’s best friend. You can stack up to three GREJIG shoe racks on top of each other, and can also fold them up to save space when not in use.

A spotlight puts the focus on you. Direct light where you need it, whether it’s for last-minute touchups or slipping shoes off in the dark.

Hang your clothes, scarves (and shoes) in a forest. When you run out of room, just mount another tree next to it or below. Build a whole storage forest!

White is the perfect backdrop to brig pops of colour to the home. Splash on a wallpaper pattern, or let your colourful collection speak for you.

Create your own charging station in the hallway so you can grab your tech and go. Headphones and a tablet take a seat on these tiny (but strong) hooks.