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Vibrant dining room decor

Bring a piece of Mother Nature into the dining room. Think bold bouquets, natural fibers, green hues and plant-themed patterns. Or bring all of them, like we did here. Take a seat and get cosy.

If you’re going to be spending lots of time talking around a table, a dining chair with generous room is essential. The curved armrests are designed for comfort — and easily slide underneath the table.

Keep your plates close, and your decorations closer. A storage cabinet can hold extra tableware, along with all your seasonal runners and table setting accessories. Keeping it by the table makes it easy for a dining room refresh.

An eclectic ceiling lamp can become a dining table’s centerpiece. Its natural fibers complement this table’s plant theme. Hanging pendant lamps at a low level is a daring trend to try out — just make sure it clears your guests’ heads!

Let your table do the talking. A graphic tablecloth can make a bold statement, while white, clear, and solid coloured tableware support your standout piece.