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Freestanding storage in an flower-powered dining area

Explore this flower patterned and sustainable dining room, complete with IRMELIN bright flower coloured curtains, TORHAMN kitchen island and solid birch NORRÅKER dining table, to name a few.

Solid birch wood surfaces, open shelves, rollable trolleys and bright pops of colour come together to create an eating area that flourishes with functionality.

IKEA IRMELIN cotton fabric comes with a colourful flower pattern of reds, yellows and greens on a white background. Use the fabric to create curtains for your bedroom, or in your kitchen to hide away your open pantry shelves.

Make your pantry shelves disappear with just a pull. A curtain wall can help hide your open storage shelves — and you’ll also get a vibrant patterned wall to show all your guests when they come over!

IKEA TERJE red folding chairs have a small carved hole in the backing so you can hang them on the wall on a BJÄRNUM stainless steel mounted hook.

Need an extra seat? Grab it from the wall! This saves floor space — and also gives you an opportunity to add a pop of colour to the wall, if you’d like.

IKEA BROR black trolley is a rollable unit that can store KNAGGLIG pine boxes with fresh produce. SORTERA white plastic waste bins are ideal for trash management, and can be placed on bottom shelves.

Here's a nifty way to sort your pantry: store fresh produce, bowls and other tableware on a rollable trolley to bring them straight to the kitchen or the dining table.

IKEA SAMMANHANG storage shelf has three levels and is an ideal place to grow small herbs by a window.

Take advantage of your window ledge and arrange small plants and microgreens. They’ll get plenty of natural light to grow.