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Beauty in the basics

We all start somewhere. You don’t need many things to create a beautiful living space that suits your style. Grab a couple of cabinets for storage, a sofa bed for sleeping and a bar table that can double as your workspace and dining area.

Want to achieve a minimalist style? Consider making your walls a matte texture, in a solid colour. Arrange a couple of glass lampshades at different heights to add volume to the room.

Optimise your small apartment with a stylish 2-in-1 solution – use a bar table and bar chairs for both dining and working. There’s no need for a real work desk that takes up unnecessary space in your home.

Keep tableware and accessories close to the table in a cabinet. When it’s time to entertain, you’ll have everything close at hand. Closed storage makes it easy to hide away things, and also creates calm, clean and minimalist surfaces.

A white framed IKEA SAMMANHANG glass display box with shelves on a side cabinet with plants, pots, books and decorative items.

Display the things you love by the dining area — it’s nice to enjoy your collection while you eat or work around the clock. Showcasing your favourite items helps make your home uniquely yours.

Mix and match storage, books and display items in a glass cabinet. It blends with both the living room and dining room areas by being a functional and practical space for storing things, but also a place to showcase your personality.

For those of us who are just starting out, a sofa bed is a practical choice to save space in studio setups and 24-hour living spaces. Place a side table by the sofa and use it as a bedside table at night.