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An open dining area to sip and sew away

NORDEN extendable pine table in a small open dining and kitchen space.

A dining area doesn’t have to be fancy — it just has to work for you and your needs. But if you’re expecting company? Just lift up a table top. There’s plenty of room for more.

Put your extendable table up against the window when it’s just you. It will save space, but also give you lots of natural light for your projects. Reach for materials within the storage drawers.

See everything. Open storage helps you keep track of all your things (like fabrics) so you don't overspend. This coffee table comes with a removable tray top too, so you can move drinks or sewing projects around your home.

White glass cabinet with pottery and glassware inside.

Show off your clay collections in a modern glass menagerie, or protect your glassware. (Or do both!)