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A hip, modern dining space for first-time flatmates

When it comes to shared dining spaces, keep an open mind: open storage shelves, rollable trolleys and lightweight furniture make it easy to grab what you need, clean up, and bring the party wherever it happens.

IKEA ALGOT black shelving units can be mounted together to create a long storage system or pantry for plates, glasses, boxes and items. Use it in the dining room or anywhere around the home.

Create your own open storage “pantry” with a couple of sturdy shelves. Placing your most used bowls, glasses and cereal by the dining table makes it easier to grab and go in the morning.

A trolley makes it easy to roll condiments from the kitchen to the table, or anywhere around the home. And if you run out of room on the dining table, use the trolley as an extra side table.

IKEA YTTERBYN kitchen cabinet door fronts come in bold colours and patterns designed by Swedish collective 10-gruppen. One pattern includes a bright blue grid pattern on a white base.

Decorate your space even more with patterned doors. The blue and white grid pops out from the white walls and yellow chairs.