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A dining solution fit for kings and queens

Fashion-forward homes need flexible solutions. Arched armrests and an extendable round table can turn a party of four into a party of six. Mix and match patterns, accessories and more to bring lush colours to your home.

We created a table setting with a common theme in mind: leaves. From the glassware to plates, to even a leaf-shaped serving plate, we balanced a mix of patterned tableware and plain white designs for a coordinated look.

Fake it till you make it. If you’re always in a rush — or not much of a green thumb — artificial flowers can look just like the real deal. Pair leafy greens to support bold hues or opt for a single rose to make a statement on the dining table.

A windowsill is an ideal place to arrange your favourite items and accessories. The low height of this display won’t block light or interfere with the curtains.

Round SKURAR deco plates with cat portraits hanging on a floral wall.

If the party travels to the living room, these comfortable dining chairs can make their way over, too. Their design blends well with both rooms. (Almost too well.)