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The sky is the limit when it comes to smart children's storage

IKEA TROFAST white storage unit with three large plastic pink bins and three white bins on top in a shared small children's bedroom with bunk bed.

A shared bedroom and still so much space for fun, games, and hobbies! All you need is good storage. It keeps things tidy, organised and easy to find. Also – it’s easy to keep the siblings’ stuff separated. Awesome, right?

IKEA TROFAST storage combination closeup.

A play surface on the top, storage for toys and other stuff in the bins below. Make room for whatever your kids feel like doing and let them store the rest for another day of fun and games. Perfect!

“Clean your room!” has never been easier! Organise toys and hobby stuff with fun wall solutions. Personalise the bins: let your kids write or draw whatever they want on the stickers. Need to re-arrange the toys? No worries – the chalk is erasable.

Playdate coming up? Give the kids a comfy place to sit when they hang out with your children. They can fold up the gym mat when they need more room to play!