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The butterfly bedroom

Draped in playful patterns and textiles, here’s a cosy room designed for play and display. You’ll find tons of storage space for all the toys, and a dedicated area for tea parties and more!

A set of whimsical textiles pairs well with imaginative minds. MINNEN bed frame is extendable too, and can grow with your child — enhancing the magic!

A partially opened IKEA SOLGUL white children’s wardrobe, revealing clothes and storage boxes, beside open storage with toys.

A wardrobe isn’t just a place for clothes; it can store toys, too. Display favourite toys outside, and keep extras tucked away in boxes that are easy to slide in and out. Reserve top shelves in the closet for less-used clothes and toys.

IKEA SOLGUL white changing tables side by side, customised as an open shelving unit, displaying toys, boxes and books.

When you’re not using your SOLGUL changing table for actually changing diapers, you can always use it as shelves to place small dollhouse furniture and create your own diorama. The bottom shelves can hold books and boxes for storage.

A dedicated play area can be a place for crafting, colouring and tea parties, too! Children love to roleplay and create scenarios — why not encourage it?

Instead of putting each frame on the wall, you can mount shelving units and arrange them there. This makes it quick and easy to add or replace new creations.