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Smart storage for the lovely little pieces

IKEA STUVA white baby furniture crib and six drawer unit in a pink children's nursery room with toys and stuffed panda bear.

Here are a few smart ways to store baby clothes, changing supplies and more in your nursery — so you can spend less time stressing, and more time enjoying life’s little pleasures.

Use inserts in the smaller drawers to make sure small socks and hats don’t get lost. Reserve the deeper drawers for bulkier items. STUVA is where the baby storage magic happens!

IKEA STUVA white cot with two drawers holding storybooks and stuffed animals.

Make use of the storage space under your cot by keeping storybooks and soft toys close at hand. When it’s time for bed, your script and furry actors are ready to perform.

Storage around the changing table

Need a fun way to keep babies entertained while changing? Arrange binkies and soft, snuggle towels with playful designs alongside the table.

IKEA ANGELÄGEN colourful lidless boxes with transparent fronts in STUVA changing table open storage slots.

When it comes to diaper duty, use boxes without lids to easily grab what you need. Colour-code the boxes based on the items inside so you’ll know where to find the things you’re looking for, when you need them. The transparent front lets you see what’s inside.