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Time for something new

Having led a footloose and fancy-free life for a while, this mother and daughter wanted to make their latest move more intentional. Many mood boards, colour swatches and budget spreadsheets later, here's where they've landed: in a cosy and curated farmhouse-style cottage, where the memories they've picked up along their many adventures are displayed for all to see.

Two women in a white country-style living area with a white BACKSÄLEN sofa in front of a rug and two rattan armchairs.
Two women in a white country-style living area with a white BACKSÄLEN sofa in front of a rug and two rattan armchairs.

The loved-and-lived-in look

While new to the neighbourhood, they wanted their home to feel like it had history. Working with a light base and the already-white walls, they added darker furniture, traditional details and natural materials.

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A BACKSÄLEN armchair in the corner of a bright living room with a pendant lamp overhead and a coffee table nest beside it.
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    A woman and a teenage girl sitting side by side in a bright room with white walls and a window behind them.
    In this home, you'll find pieces that are built to last, often made from more sustainable materials - like wood - which just get better with age.

    Hans BlomquistInterior designer

      Watch as this mother and daughter duo transform an empty, white house into a cosy and curated farmhouse-style cottage where the memories of their many adventures are displayed for all to see.

      Happy memories

      While they both relish a quiet moment of reading and writing, the colourful life they’ve lived is something they carry with them. Many objects and artworks (and books!) fill their home: souvenirs of the fascinating places and people they’ve crossed paths with along the way.

      A HEMNES desk with a vase of branches on top, against a white wall covered with pictures. A swivel chair is in front.
        The back of a beige AINA cushion on a cream sofa, showing two of the fastenings tied in bows.

          Permanent exhibition

          Glass-door cabinets are used to house all their books and some of their most precious finds. Not only is this a great way to showcase their collections, but they also keep delicate objects out of harm's way and everything free from dust.

          A black MILSBO cabinet with glass doors filled with an assortment of objects, in the corner of a bright living room.
            Two black HEMNES glass-door cabinets filled with books, in a country-style living room by two armchairs and a sofa.

              Where curation meets comfort

              This is an open home and the living area is testament to that. From book clubs, to lift clubs, all friends are welcome here. Just pop round for a cup of tea, put your feet up and truly connect in sheer comfort.

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              Two women at the back of a bright country-style living room with a white BACKSÄLEN sofa, rattan armchairs and a white rug.
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                Get the look: tactile textures

                Rattan, bamboo, cotton and wood. Not only are these materials more sustainable, they bring notes of softness and warmth into a home, making it that much more welcoming.

                An oh-so-pinnable hallway

                The country charm of this home starts right at the front door, with hooks and shelves that welcome you as you walk in. Their most can't-leave-home-without coats, hats, gloves and boots become part of the hallway's style, and within easy reach. All it takes is a grab of a jacket and they’re out the house and on an adventure in seconds.

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                A white wood-panelled hallway with a row of hooks holding straw hats and baskets. A bench is below and a mirror beside it.
                  The end of a white BERGSHULT/RAMSHULT wall shelf on a wood-panelled wall with a brown hat and a notebook on it.
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                    A pine PERJOHAN stool on a brown rug in a sunny space beside a low shelf and in front of a black TOFTBYN mirror.
                      An oak HÖVOLM rack with six knobs on a white wood-panelled wall holding bags, hats and scarves.

                        Time to gather round

                        A space (even just a small one) to catch up and connect over meals was a must-have for this little family. A round, extendable dining table softens the space, working just as well for game nights as it does for dinner parties. There's also a mix of old-school and modern styles in here: charming dinnerware is displayed on the walls, while a contemporary pendant lamp hangs over the table.

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                        A BEGÄRLIG vase filled with water and branches on a shelf with other glasses and vases, in front of a wall with plates on it.
                        A young woman holding a tray with plates and bowls on it beside a table and a NILSOVE rattan armchair.
                        A white HAUGA glass-door cabinet filled with dinnerware and other objects in a bright white room, beside a NILSOVE armchair.
                        A pile of white UPPLAGA plates with two UPPLAGA bowls on top, along with several light brown napkins.
                        A white table with a mix of rattan and wooden chairs around it, and with crockery and glasses on top in a white dining room.
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                          It's all in the details

                          Little touches make all the difference, so adding in some smaller black and white farmhouse-style pieces like monochromatic cutlery and crockery, striped tea towels and traditional glassware can be a budget-friendly way to get started.

                          A bright, white country-style kitchen and dining area, with white cabinets, a round table and decorative dried branches.

                            For the love of slow food

                            They've come a long way from their life on the go: these days, most of what they eat and drink has been made from scratch. From home-made lemonade to sourdough loaves, it all happens in their little kitchen.

                            A VARDAGEN jar with tap filled with lemon slices and herbs held in a stand on a white shelf, with a glass under the tap.
                              Two black HULTARP rails on a white panelled wall, with utensils like a colander, grater and jugs hanging from the hooks.

                                A little breathing space

                                As much as they love time together, they enjoy their own space too. Both of their bedrooms reflect who they are while still fitting in snuggly with the fresh look and feel of the overall home.

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                                A grey IDANÄS upholstered bed with a pendant lamp above it, in front of two white wardrobes with hanging clothes on show.
                                  A young woman sitting on an ÖRFJÄLL chair at a desk under a SMÅSTAD loft bed. Boxes are stored on shelves in the bed frame.
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                                    A rustic wooden table top with dried flowers, photographs, straw, fabric, and a wooden spoon, fork and chopping board on top.

                                      Leaning into the modern farmhouse look

                                      Modern farmhouse beautifully combines contemporary design with country-inspired living. IKEA interior designer Hans Blomquist has some fantastic advice on achieving this look in your own home, even on a budget.

                                      See how to create the farmhouse style

                                      A sanctuary for two

                                      A paperback (or two) have met their sopping fate in this bathroom's glorious vintage tub. But who could resist an afternoon soak in a bathroom as enchanting as this? With its neatly folded stacks of fresh towels, handmade soaps and scented candles, this part of the house always feels like a well-overdue mini break.

                                      A HEMNES/RÄTTIVIKEN wash-stand with two drawers in a sunny white country-style bathroom with a mirror and wall lights above.
                                        Two seagrass LURPASSA boxes by a vase on top of a HEMNES high cabinet. One box is open with a necklace hanging out.
                                        The corner of a white bathroom with a HEMNES wall shelf on one wall. Toiletries and bathroom accessories are on the shelves.
                                        A pile of dark and light grey towels on the side of a black roll-top bath with gold feet, with a beige shower curtain.
                                        The SKISSEN glass three-piece bathroom set on the side of a wash-basin, holding a nail brush, toothbrushes and liquid soap.

                                        Bath time bliss

                                        Is a wonderfully organised space what you need to feel most at peace? Maybe a snuggly robe to wrap around yourself when you've stepped out of a bubble bath does the trick. Take a peek and find what hits your relaxation spot!

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                                        See all bathroom accessories

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