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Gifts for collectors

Check out our gift ideas for everyone who has a passion for collecting (and organising) all sorts of things.

NOJIG organisers in different sizes and LURPASSA box with lid in set of 2 in seagrass material.

Find a gift that’s also a hint

Want to inspire someone to get just a little bit more organised? Gift them with a mini chest of drawers, small boxes or other items that’ll help them declutter their collection. From records and comic books to jewellery and watch collections, these storage and organisation products are sure to be a hit.

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MOPPE mini chest of drawers made of plywood on a wooden IVAR shelving unit and various accessories.
Explore our organisers

Let your gift set the tone

Choose natural materials for a warmer atmosphere or go with something that brings colour and contrast. Find the perfect gift to match any style and every part of the home. Dare to do things differently or keep it safe. It’s all up to you.

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Beige KVARNVIK organisers in different sizes and shapes,  on a wooden table, a black shelf and in a black BILLY book case.
A white STUK storage box with two compartments containing colourful socks and clothes.
SKÅDIS pegboard in white hung on a wall with SKÅDIS accessories in white and MOPPE mini chest of drawers in front.
Two stacked green REJSA organisers filled with chords and tapes on a white table next to a glass vase with pink flowers.
Three beige KLYKET folding hooks with a jump rope, a fishing net and a hose on a gritty, dusted pink wall.
Find your gift

Whatever you collect, it’s all about passion. And sometimes you might end up having more than you can find room for. That’s why gifting the collectors in your life something that’ll help them organise their things, might just be the best idea ever. Discover the joy of gifting a well-organised home and a less-cluttered mind. Not only do our solutions look good, but they’re also practical. And as we all know, there’s nothing more relaxing than coming home to a space where’s there’s a spot for everything.

From small and smart storage solutions to home organisers of every kind. Our selection of gifts are perfect for everyone from stamp collectors to bookworms and beyond. Help them discover how small changes can have a big impact – and together, you can find the perfect way for them to display their passion.

For the people who take pride in their collections, you can find great solutions for showing them off. And for the ones who just need a little bit more room to cultivate their passion, we have that too. So, whether it’s a frame for the coin collector or an extra box for the comic book collector, you can show them that you truly know them.

Smart storage solutions help you create a space for both your passion and your everyday life at home. And we can probably all use a little more balance here and there. Let us help you pick the perfect gift to make life’s twists and turns a little less curvy and a lot more fun. Because who doesn’t want to find new ways to make room for their passion?