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Bring the romance with Valentine’s day gifts for your true love

From big romantic gestures to small Valentine’s day gifts, February 14th is all about love. Check out these Valentine’s gift ideas that’ll make it a day to remember.

A beige FABLER BJÖRN soft toy on a chest of drawers wearing a striped dungaree in blue and white with a red heart.

Valentine’s gift ideas that’ll make your heart skip a beat

Mix and match your own Valentine’s day hamper with our selection of cute accessories and baskets in natural materials. Go all in on cute Valentine’s day gifts made with care. Pick a base that’s just you and sprinkle with fun things that’ll make life at home even more romantic.

Build your own gift
A sunny window with SMYCKA artificial leaves on a windowsill and flowers in a glass vase.
Build your own gift

Bring the romance with Valentine’s day decorations

Spoil your senses with scented candles, beautiful flowers and surprisingly soft toys. Decorate with the heart and make your loved ones fall in love all over again.

Explore Candle holders & candles
Explore Candle holders & candles

Find everything you need to make the day extra special

With the right setup, the perfect romantic gift and love in the air, sparks are bound to fly. Explore Valentine’s decorations and find your way to make the stars align. And whether you’re looking for Valentine’s gifts for friends or that special someone, we’ve got it right here.

Explore our artificial plants & flowers
Three BEHJÄRTAD scented block candles on a BEGÄRAN tray on a KRAGSTA table with a FÄRL¨ÖV sofa in the background.
White TÅSJÖN slippers and ROCKÅN bathrobes on a stool in front of a white bath tub with white BASTSJ¨ÖN shower curtains.
SINNLIG pink scented candle and NJUTNING vase with scented sticks on a table in a dark room.
SMYCKA artificial leaves and artificial flowers arranged into a bouquet laying on a wooden table.
PÅKOSTAD scented candles in ceramic containers, grey VANLIGEN tealight holder and PÅDRAG glass vase with flowers on a white cabinet with glass doors.
Explore our artificial plants & flowers

Valentine’s day is a true celebration of love. But that definitely doesn’t mean that there’s only one way to do it right. Because whether you’re planning to spend the night on the sofa, going out to dinner or something completely different, love comes in all shapes and sizes.

You’re in control and your Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to do exactly what you’d like. Are you planning to have a spa day at home? We’ve got you. Light candles in the bathroom, decorate the living room with flowers or do a bit of both. Want to add a little more excitement? Instead of collecting everything in one Valentine’s day hamper, plan a romantic treasure hunt at home. All you have to do is hide a few gifts and maybe draw a map. It’s the small details and the big efforts that are guaranteed to win the hearts of anyone special in your life. The only thing we can do is help you find the perfect gift and decorations to make the day extra special.

From your favourite friendships to the person that you love waking up next to, a gift from the heart is not about the price tag. And combined with decorations designed to bring the romance, you can easily make it a day you’ll never forget. Our vast selection of romantic accessories for your at-home celebration are waiting for you to take the leap.

So, let’s gear up for the best Valentine’s day ever. Whatever that means to you.