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Gift Cards

Our gift cards offer your loved ones their choice of gifts at the value of your choice.

You can pick a gift card from any of our check-out counters, or electronically and present it to friends and family for special occasions like engagements, weddings, Eid, Ramadan, baby showers, housewarming parties etc.

For digital gift cards, all you need to do is choose your preferred card design, pick a value amount from EGP50 - EGP50,000 online. (You can choose a pre-set amount, or your preferred amount.)

At IKEA store in Egypt, the minimum amount is EGP100, with a maximum amount of EGP 100,000.


    • The digital and physical gift cards can be used online and at IKEA stores in Egypt.
    • Physical cards with pin codes can be redeemed online and at IKEA stores in Egypt.
    • Physical cards without a PIN code can only be redeemed at IKEA stores in Egypt.
    • The Physical Gift Card can be loaded with a minimum balance of EGP 100 and a maximum balance of EGP 100,000 at IKEA stores in Egypt.
    • Digital Gift Cards are subject to a minimum amount of EGP 50, and a maximum balance of EGP 50,000.
    • Gift Cards cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash or any other tender.
    • The Digital Gift cards cannot be used in Bistro, Swedish Food Market, and Restaurant.
    • The Gift Card can be used for complete or partial payment and as many times until the balance is zero.
    • The Gift Card can only be loaded once and cannot be topped up.
    • For a digital Gift Card, the customer must enter the Card number and PIN to redeem.
    • Customers can check the remaining balance during online redemption or in-store at checkout.
    • In-store customers can pay part of the total purchase value by Gift Card and the other part by cash or credit/ debit card.
    • Online customers can pay part of the total purchase value by Gift Card and the other part by credit or debit card. 
    • Cash on delivery will not be available to purchases where part payment is done with a Gift Card.
    • The Gift Card remains the property of IKEA Egypt and may not be tampered or interfered without our consent.
    • As the Gift Card is transferable, IKEA Egypt will not be responsible for checking the ownership of the Gift Card before acceptance at the checkout.
    • All Gift Cards have a validity period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.
    • If the Gift Card is found, please return it to the nearest IKEA store.IKEA is unable to replace the card if lost or stolen.
    • Misuse of the lost/stolen cards will be the responsibility of the card owner. IKEA Egypt will not entertain any claims in this respect.
    • Re-issue of faulty or damaged Gift Cards is not possible unless the Gift Cards are proven to be faulty or damaged because of the production process or otherwise due to the fault of IKEA Egypt.
    • Refunds of merchandise purchased with the Gift Card will be in the form of a return voucher only.
    • IKEA Egypt reserves the rights to modify the T&Cs pertaining to gift card usage from time to time based on the need to do so.
    • IKEA’s T&Cs for gift cards usage are binding to all users.