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Wood furniture

Ever had a piece of wooden furniture that’s been around for years? Maybe a dining table that’s recorded dents from years of dinners, picking up tons of character along the way. It’s why we work carefully with wood to make hardwearing furniture that lasts – and gets better looking with time.

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More variantsHEMNES Desk 155x65 cm

HEMNES Desk, white stain, 155x65 cm

More variantsHAVSTA Cabinet with plinth 81x47x89 cm

HAVSTA Cabinet with plinth, dark brown, 81x47x89 cm

More variantsHAVSTA Nest of tables, set of 2

HAVSTA Nest of tables, set of 2, dark brownHAVSTA Nest of tables, set of 2, white

More variantsTARVA Bed frame 160x200 cm

TARVA Bed frame, pine, 140x200 cm

More variantsHEMNES Bedside table 46x35 cm

HEMNES Bedside table, grey stained, 46x35 cm

More variantsHEMNES Bookcase 90x197 cm

HEMNES Bookcase, red stained/light brown stained, 90x197 cmHEMNES Bookcase, black-brown/light brown, 90x197 cmHEMNES Bookcase, black-brown, 90x197 cm

More variantsHEMNES Desk with 2 drawers 120x47 cm

HEMNES Desk with 2 drawers, white stain, 120x47 cm

More variantsHEMNES Bed frame 180x200 cm

HEMNES Bed frame, grey stained, 140x200 cmHEMNES Bed frame, grey stained, 160x200 cmHEMNES Bed frame, white stain, 180x200 cm

More variantsPINNTORP Table 125x75 cm

PINNTORP Table, light brown stained/red stained, 125x75 cm

More variantsHEMNES Glass-door cabinet with 3 drawers 90x197 cm

HEMNES Glass-door cabinet with 3 drawers, red stained/light brown stained, 90x197 cmHEMNES Glass-door cabinet with 3 drawers, white stain/light brown, 90x197 cmHEMNES Glass-door cabinet with 3 drawers, black-brown, 90x197 cm

More variantsGJÖRA Bed frame 160x200 cm

GJÖRA Bed frame, birch, 140x200 cm

More variantsHEMNES TV bench 148x47x57 cm

HEMNES TV bench, white stain/light brown, 148x47x57 cmHEMNES TV bench, black-brown, 148x47x57 cmHEMNES TV bench, white stain, 148x47x57 cm

More variantsPINNTORP Chair

PINNTORP Chair, red stained

More variantsHAVSTA Cabinet 81x35x123 cm

HAVSTA Cabinet, white, 81x35x123 cm
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