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Kitchen taps & sinks

 IKEA's kitchen sinks, taps, and faucets are the perfect way to complete your kitchen's look and functionality. Featuring integrated aerators that reduce water consumption by up to 40%. Browse our selection today and find the perfect kitchen sink and tap combination for your needs.

The only new thing about this mixer tap is the colour

We’ve put the DELSJÖN mixer tap through some of the toughest tests, given it durable parts and, due to the high spout, made dishwashing easier for you. So why change a perfectly good product? Thanks to the brushed black metal, now it also coordinates perfectly with your kitchen appliances. What’s not to love?

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A DELSJÖN kitchen mixer tap in brushed black metal next to a black sink and a splashback made from wood.
The base of a DELSJÖN kitchen mixer tap in brushed black metal against tiles with a wooden effect.
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Your kitchen sink companions

Make food prep and dishwashing a little easier with the LILLHAVET multifunctional dish rack and colander. Designed to fit over your sink, these practical accessories, made from durable and food-approved plastic, will help you save space and time.

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There are plates, bowls and a glass in a LILLHAVET dish rack in anthracite next to a sink with glasses and spoons.
A LILLHAVET colander in anthracite with sweet potatoes and a potato peeler is placed over a sink.
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Brown wood chopping board with two glass containers, beneath an ÄLMAREN kitchen mixer tap in stainless steel colour.

You can use up to 40% less water if you change your old kitchen taps for IKEA taps with a flow regulator.