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Dining chairs

Dining chairs must feel good and look good. That's why our chairs are designed to be comfortable and attractive. Buy all kinds of chairs, even a folding chair and outdoor chairs, in styles of your choice. What's more, you can coordinate your furniture by getting matching chair covers too.

A space-saving socialiser

With a couple of stackable ADDE chairs within easy reach, there’s always room for more.

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Four ADDE chairs, three black and one white, stacked in a pile beside a single white ADDE chair facing away from it.
The seat and backrests of two ADDE chairs, one black and one white, beside each other but facing in opposite directions.
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Dining chairs with plenty of comfort and style

Gather around the table with comfortable dining room chairs. Browse our wide selection of dining chairs for every style and activity – from classic upholstered chairs to space-saving foldable chairs. Your dream chairs are just one click away.

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A small, white dining table surrounded by four TERJE white and light-grey chairs. An IDANÄS cabinet stands by a nearby wall.
A white NORDEN gateleg table surrounded by beige BERGMUND chairs. A white HAVSTA glass-door cabinet stands by a nearby wall.
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