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Cabinets & cupboards

What you keep inside a cupboard or cabinet is unique to you. Your choice of storage combinations is too. That’s why you can buy cabinets and cupboards in a wide range of designs here – from classic wooden display cabinets to bright blue locker types and slim shoe cabinets – to match your style.

A new cabinet to slide into your living room

Looking for a fresh way to display your favourite items? The all-new KALKNÄS cabinet highlights anything you place in it (unless you want stuff hidden – that works, too). With its beautifully embossed sliding doors and possibility to easily add integrated lighting, it’s also a looker in its own right.

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Two white KALKNÄS cabinets with sliding doors with baskets and vases behind the glass doors and a plant and vase on top.
A white KALKNÄS cabinet with sliding doors with integrated lighting in the top and a lower door open showing piled plates.
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Share your personal passions in space-smart displays

Surrounding yourself with the things you love can make your home feel a little more personal. By gathering your treasured items in a display, you can enjoy them all day every day.

A living room with a grey EKTORP two-seat sofa, a VITTSJÖ coffee table and an anthracite RUDSTA glass-door cabinet.
Four wall-mounted, gold-colour BOMARKEN display boxes grouped tightly together and filled with decorative glassware.
Two GULLHULT wall shelves holding coffee and tea accessories hang above a small, round table and two chairs.
A TONVIS table lamp and a record player standing on a white KALLAX shelving unit. Framed art hangs on the wall above.
A white glass-door cabinet with integrated lighting stands in the corner of a dining room and is filled with tableware.

Display cabinets for everyday beauty

Your everyday things can look great and express your personality just as much as the beautiful objects in your favourite collection. So why not show them off, too?

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A beige cabinet with sliding glass doors with napkins, glasses and candles stored neatly in it.
A black MILSBO cabinet with glass doors filled with an assortment of objects, in the corner of a bright living room.
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