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Bath textiles

Our bath textiles include towels that dry you quickly and warm bath mats that protect your feet from the floor. Like our shower curtains, these textiles come in different sizes, colours and styles. Because, while they’re waiting for their moment of glory, we think they should look good, too.

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More variantsVALLASÅN Hand towel 40x70 cm

VALLASÅN Bath sheet, light grey/brown, 100x150 cmVALLASÅN Bath towel, light grey/brown, 70x140 cmVALLASÅN Bath sheet, dark blue, 100x150 cm

More variantsDIMFORSEN Bath sheet 100x150 cm

DIMFORSEN Washcloth, grey, 30x30 cmDIMFORSEN Bath towel, grey, 70x140 cmDIMFORSEN Hand towel, turquoise, 40x70 cm

More variantsVÅGSJÖN Hand towel set C

VÅGSJÖN Hand towel set BVÅGSJÖN Hand towel set A

More variantsVÅGSJÖN Washcloth 30x30 cm

VÅGSJÖN Bath sheet, light beige, 100x150 cmVÅGSJÖN Hand towel, blue, 40x70 cmVÅGSJÖN Bath sheet, dark grey, 100x150 cm

More variantsSÖDERSJÖN Bath mat 50x80 cm

SÖDERSJÖN Bath mat, light beige, 60x120 cmSÖDERSJÖN Bath mat, light beige, 50x80 cmSÖDERSJÖN Bath mat, grey-brown, 50x80 cm

More variantsALSTERN Bath mat 50x80 cm

ALSTERN Bath mat, dark grey, 50x80 cmALSTERN Bath mat, light grey-green, 50x80 cmALSTERN Bath mat, white, 50x80 cm

More variantsSALVIKEN Washcloth 30x30 cm

SALVIKEN Hand towel, anthracite, 40x70 cmSALVIKEN Washcloth, anthracite, 30x30 cmSALVIKEN Bath towel, anthracite, 70x140 cm

More variantsVÄNNEÅN Shower curtain 180x200 cm

VÄNNEÅN Shower curtain, grey-turquoise, 180x200 cmVÄNNEÅN Shower curtain, white, 180x200 cm

More variantsROCKÅN Bath robe S/M

ROCKÅN Bath robe, grey, L/XLROCKÅN Bath robe, grey, S/MROCKÅN Bath robe, white, L/XL
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Softness and a style that’s more you

As well as being really useful, towels give you great ways to add soft, warm touches to your bathroom and get a look that you love.

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HÖGAFFEL wall hooks holding VALLASÅN bath towels in light green and a VALLASÅN bath towel in dark blue on a wooden bench.
    The wall of a bathroom with a shelf with a mirror on it and white VÅGSJÖN towels hanging from a SKOGSVIKEN towel rail.
    Some white VÅGSJÖN towels with a white-on-white striped design hang down from a towel rail on the wall of a sunny bathroom.
    Some towels including a dark green/mélange HIMLEÅN bath towel hang over a black SKOGSVIKEN towel rail.
    Some towels including a dark grey/mélange HIMLEÅN bath towel are piled on top of each other on the side of a bath.
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    Towels and textiles for a fresh bathroom

    When other parts of your home get a makeover, why not include your bathroom in the effort? Replacing worn towels and mismatching textiles with coordinated ones will quickly make your bathroom fresh, too.

    A bathroom with a white-and-turquoise shower curtain over an angular bath, several DIMFORSEN towels accessibly close to it.
      A grey OSBYSJÖN bath mat with fluffy white soap suds scattered across, placed on an ochre coloured floor.