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Play like nobody’s watching

Follow the kids’ lead, and don’t take yourself too seriously. When we asked people for their best tips on making play a bigger part of everyday life, that is what we learned.

We couldn’t be more serious

Play is essential for children to grow and learn and nearly as important for adults. So, turn the chores into something much more fun, try out the kids’ toys and let the children guide you on the adventures.

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A girl wears a helmet and a FJÄDRAR cushion tied to her back. She has one foot on a skateboard and holds up a broom.
    Listen to the kids and turn everyday must-dos into something fun.

    Mother of twoAustria

    A man stands in a kitchen wearing a RINNIG apron and cabbage leaves on his head. He holds a baby who looks surprised.

      Hey Dad, what’s cooking?

      It’s not always easy to find the time (or the energy) to play with the kids. Then again, it doesn't have to be more complicated than preparing dinner and adding an unexpected ingredient.

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      A girl sits in a living room using toilet paper to bandage a JÄTTELIK dinosaur.
        Let go of the must-dos, get to your child’s level and see the world from that angle.

        32-year-old mother of oneSweden

        Fun comes first

        So, playing is good for all of us, regardless of age. Best of all, the learnings and general greatness come for free as long as we remain focused on what’s most important – having fun.

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        A man with glasses and a beard lies among a whole bunch of DJUNGELSKOG soft toys. Only his face shows.
          Try not to take yourself too seriously, and just enjoy the moment.

          Father of threePortugal