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A helping hand to refresh and organize

Make your KALLAX unit truly yours

Think outside (or, inside!) the box when it comes to making your KALLAX .

You can also plan and configure your KALLAX with our easy to use planning tool

The best storage solution for your clothes and space

Sneaker collector, denim lover, T-shirt saver, hat hoarder? Whatever you love collecting, our wardrobes make room for it all.

You can also design your own wardrobe to suit your needs and taste using the PAX planning tool.

Storage just got more personal with EKET

The versatile series of modular storage cabinets comes in various colours. Display or hide your things or do both. Go small, big, high, low or crazy – EKET cabinet series can do it.

The EKET Planner helps you find your perfect Shelf combination In just a few steps.

NORDLI is quality designed for today and tomorrow

NORDLI drawers are modular, so you can create the perfect combination for now, and adapt them as your needs change in the future.

Let your Creativity run wild and use the NORDLI Planner to design your Dream Bedroom.

Flexible storage systems

Our storage systems are designed so you can use them throughout your home. Whether you want to hang coats, keep magazines handy, storage, or garage shelving.

The JONAXEL Planner helps you design your robust Storage Solution in just a few Steps.