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Holiday foods

Make Swedish delicatessen part of your holiday celebrations

Add a Scandinavian touch to your holiday dinner parties with traditional Swedish dishes. Salmon, ham with mustard, meatballs or plant balls — these are just a few of the tasty things you can offer your guests. Serve them buffet style and let everyone create their preferred combination of holiday foods.

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A white dish with some SJÖRAPPORT cured cold smoked salmon is standing on a wooden table with other bowls in the background.
A brass-coloured pan, filled with HUVUDROLL vegetable balls, is standing on a wooden table with other dishes around it.
Some SJÖRAPPORT cured salmon, two different kinds of pickled herring, a lemon slice and some ham are served on a white plate.
People are seated around a table set for a dinner party. Green candles are lit and there are plates and glasses on the table.
A white bowl is filled with HUVUDROLL chicken meatballs. There is a spoon next to it and other dishes in the background.
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