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Coffee & side tables

A coffee table for every taste

Keep your chilling out essentials like a tv remote, cup of coffee, or a good book at your fingertips with a coffee table that perfectly matches your room aesthetic. Whether you need additional storage or a funky side table for a small space, we have tables in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

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In a beige bedroom is a white VIHALS coffee table. On top of the table is a travel case. Books line the shelves underneath.
In a warmly-lit living room, a black OLSERÖD side table with a laptop sits next to a beige sofa. Cushions are on the sofa.
In a living room, a black KRAGSTA coffee table is on a rug next to a dark grey sofa. On the table are glass decorations.
A white BURVIK coffee table is on top of a rattan rug, next to a bed. On top of the table is a cup of coffee and a newspaper.
In a bright white bedroom, on a grey rug, a GLADOM side table is next to a bed that is covered with white bedlinen.
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Give this side table a side hustle

KVISTBRO storage table has room to be so much more than just a place to rest your books and coffee cup.

Video: A KVISTBRO storage table from above filled with different items moving to a side view with marbles spilling out of it.
A KVISTBRO storage table pictured from above to show the lid placed slightly to the side to reveal the empty storage space.

Flip it, use it, love it

Versatile and flexible, the new OLSERÖD table is two in one: a side table that you can slide over your lap when seated on the sofa – but also a coffee table, once it’s flipped around. It’s the ultimate multi-tasking piece to introduce to your home this season.

Two OLSERÖD tables are in view: one being used as a coffee table, and another behind it that’s more like a side table.
A closeup view of the fabric pouch of an OLSERÖD side table, with glasses, a notebook and some stones on the table top.