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Working with us has its rewards

We believe in people. All our co-workers bring their unique ideas and talent to work every day. We want to make sure every co-worker feels welcome and valued. Because when our co-workers grow, so does IKEA.

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll have a variety of benefits. Here are some of them:

Tack! co-worker loyalty program

Nothing we do would be possible without our 149,000 engaged and talented co-workers. As a way of saying thank you, we created Tack! (meaning “thank you” in Swedish).

Tack! gives all our eligible co-workers an extra contribution to their pension funds. Unit, position or salary don’t matter – everyone receives the same amount.

One IKEA - Bonus program

The One IKEA Bonus program is a bonus system for all Ingka Group coworkers, based on performance on our values of simplicity and togetherness, with everyone in the same unit working towards the same objectives. Sharing goals helps us to work together as one IKEA.

IKEA takes a stand for families – and paternity leave

At IKEA, we place great emphasis on creating a family-friendly working environment, both for our customers and for our co-workers. We want to be a place where families feel comfortable and welcome while shopping with us. And we also want to offer our co-workers a working environment that allows partners to share family responsibilities. That’s why new dads – and their partners – have been able to look forward to eight weeks’ paternity leave at IKEA Switzerland since 2021. Because we believe in equality and shared responsibility.


Being there for the very first days of your child’s life is a wonderful experience. Nothing is more important than your family’s wellbeing. During my paternity leave, we all reconnected as a family and shared our son’s first stages of development and even his very first smile. I also supported my wife during this period as becoming a parent for the first time presents new challenges – and we really enjoyed this time together. It was an unforgettable time full of joyful moments for us all.

a big thank-you to IKEA for allowing us to spend this precious time together.


I’ll probably never experience anything as wonderful as the arrival of our first child: it was a time of great happiness, joy, love, worry and care. The paternity leave gave us the opportunity to travel to see our parents in Siebenbürgen, which is where I was born. It was wonderful to see the grandparents’ reaction to their first grandchild and for them to share the joy of it all with us. We spent the entire time together as a family of three during my paternity leave. Our lives have revolved around our son since he was born and we’re just so happy to be a family!

We’re really grateful to IKEA for allowing us to enjoy this wonderful time together as a young family.


Our little one was born early in the morning. At noon, my husband got a call from his employer at that time and was told he had to go back to the office that same day. I was prescribed bed rest very early in the pregnancy, so I was still a little weak after the birth. If my father-in-law hadn’t been there to help us out at home, it would have been simply impossible. As new parents, you should be able to enjoy every second with the little addition to the family – and not have to worry about who’s going to be driving their older brother to playgroup, who can do the shopping or who’s going to take over if your baby’s having a restless night. It's fantastic that IKEA gives all mums and dads this wonderful gift: time together.


Being able to experience our daughter’s first moments together as a family has been absolutely priceless. My husband also works at IKEA so he was able to stay at home for two months. I was able to recover better from the birth and our daughter was able to build a close relationship with her dad right from the start. We worked as a team and shared the wonderful moments together – but overcame the stressful moments together too. Together, you are simply much stronger, much calmer and much more relaxed. My husband can also really appreciate what I do as he was a full-time dad himself for the first eight weeks. We are really thankful to have had this opportunity and enjoy looking back on these first few weeks, just as we are also looking forward to everything that will come.