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LISABO series

LISABO table series wins Red Dot Award

The LISABO table series, designed by brother sister design duo Knut Hagberg and Marianne Hagberg has been recognised in the Red Dot Awards for Product Design. Knut and Marianne have worked at IKEA since 1979. LISABO is a Winner of a Red Dot, recognising products of high design quality. Congratulations!

At IKEA we almost always start the design process from the “wrong end”. We don’t design a new table for its own sake but take our departure point from the price, function, technology and the context the object should work in spatially. In this case, we wanted to create a dining table that could be used in many different places in the home. We call it a gazelle because it can be moved around and perform different functions.

Knut Hagberg und Marianne Hagber, Designer

LISABO is a product of and fo our new world. People are moving more often, so having furniture that is light to carry and easy to assemble – and disassemble – is becoming even more important.

“The click-technique means that you can assemble a piece of furniture in a quarter of the time,” says Knut. The Wedge Dowel is something we will definitely see more often in IKEA products.

The keyhole-shaped opening on LISABO desks is just one example of the elegant design details that run through the entire series.

Each table in the series is a lightweight construction made of ash veneer which has a beautiful hand-made expression. It consists of two sheets of ash veneer in two different colours which makes every table unique.

“We also worked intensively with the supplier in order to develop a matte surface that would feel nice and also be able to handle all the needs of a piece of furniture, such as red-wine stains and so on,” says Marianne.