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A sweet green garden space

When more people move into the city, we tend to see more brick and cement rise into the sky. But don’t let the view get you down. Surround yourself with plants and wood instead, and create an outdoor green space to call your own.

A storage bench is a nice hideaway for plant tools or toys. It makes clean-up a breeze, and allows you to have groups of toys spread across the home (and at the ready).

Take as much green as you can get — even if it isn’t exactly real. If you have no access to real grass, artificial greenery can still create a relaxing setting (and you don’t have to trim it!) You can also use artificial grass to create a border around your balcony.

Light up your night outside with a little help from the sun. These solar-powered sticks are flower power accessories by day, and decorative lighting by night.

Throw a barbeque party and invite your friends! Wheels on your charcoal barbeque make it easy to move it to a safe surface while grilling on it.

Set the table for two or four; just fold the flap up to create more table space.