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Design a bedroom that's unconventionally you

Rules are made to be broken — and a bedroom is made to be personalised. Make it yours, and (if you’re proud of it), why not make your bed the centre of your room?

Putting your bed in the centre of the room makes a bold statement. Add on a headboard, side table and standing lamp so you can read or watch a few videos before bed. Feel free to make it yours!

When your bed is the centrepiece in the home, have a place to put your pillows and blankets when you change the bed. Mount a few rails and sandwich the textiles in between them. They’ll stay in place while you sleep.

A makeup corner is not complete without a mirror. Save yourself the table surface and mount a mirror with built-in lighting for quick touch-ups.

Your walls are a great canvas to create storage space. Mount a unit to stash your magazines and lookbooks. Or recharge your phone with a charging station that is built-in to the RIGGAD LED work lamp.

Hang your clothes on a rack like a fashion studio, and see all your “uniforms” at a glance. You can even take pictures of pre-coordinated outfits for inspiration (and so you won’t be asking yourself, “what should I wear today?”)