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Fill your life with sustainability

    The place that plays host to garden parties, where we can find a shaded spot in the hammock and spend hours immersed in a book, and where the sun bed is always reserved for us. We are, of course, talking about our home. We strongly believe that now is the time to give our home – our little corner of the world – back the love and care it deserves; with more than 4,000 products for a more sustainable life at home.

    This summer, for example, you can relax in the comfort of your own garden on a sun bed made from 100% renewable materials, sip your lemonade through reusable straws and sustainably fuel up your solar panels with solar energy. Because you love your home. And you only have one.

    Our focus

    Recycling and minimising waste

    Waste is only waste if we make it so

    What would a world with less waste be like? We have real faith that small actions are already having a huge impact. And, because we know just how important waste sorting is, we have lots of different pre-designed solutions that will help you keep everything in order.

    Clean energy for every day and night

    Clean energy for every day and night

    Want to generate your own electricity? Well, what are you waiting for? It’s already possible for you to use the cleanest and most sustainable type of energy right now by fitting a solar installation on your roof. It goes without saying that our tips for making the most of your energy consumption don’t stop there.

    The best recipe for the environment

    The best recipe for the environment

    Healthy and affordable – is that really possible? It most certainly is! We really believe that environmentally friendly food should taste delicious and be affordable to all. That’s why we provide sustainably and fairly produced food products that are good for you and our planet.

    Materials at one with nature

    Materials at one with nature

    Have you already discovered the joy of sleeping in a cocoon of purely natural materials? If you want to feel a sense of ease and satisfaction in your home, you don’t need to upend everything. Why not start by getting you and your loved ones a selection of textiles made from natural fibres or sustainably cultivated cotton?

    Fair zum Menschen, fair zur Natur – besser für alle

    Fair on people, fair on nature – better for everyone

    Want to know how simple table accessories can enhance the lives of many people and bring about positive change? With our fair trade products, it couldn’t be easier. We’ll show you how you can take on a little more social and environmental responsibility each and every day.

    There are so many simple ways we can boost sustainability in our day-to-day lives. If you set a good example and inspire others, we can work together to make long-lasting positive changes for human beings and the environment.

    Franziska Barmettler, Country Sustainability Manager

    Follow the green plus – and live more sustainably

    Want to set a good example and do something to combat climate change? We’ve set ourselves the target of supporting you with this – with more than 4,000 products for a more sustainable life at home. Whether you’re fully committed to recycling, want to enjoy your coffee more sustainably or improve your energy balance – with our ideas and products, it’s really easy for you to live a more sustainable day-to-day life. And it all begins in your home.

    At IKEA, we’re wholeheartedly set on securing a brighter future for our planet and us human beings. By choosing more sustainable products, you too are doing your bit in encouraging people to change their mindset towards more sustainability and making positive changes to the environment.

    It's as easy as that!

    6 things you can do right away


    Prepare tasty dishes using leftovers. This is a good way of reducing your food waste.


    Use glaze or wood oil to give your furniture a glossy new shine and extend its lifespan.


    Using a reusable cup instead of a disposable one once a week saves 1.5 kilograms of plastic a year. That adds up, for you and for the environment.


    Why not pour your water straight from the tap into a nice glass bottle? Not only does this produce less CO2, it tastes better too.


    Every degree less when washing laundry conserves your energy consumption and protects the environment.


    A fully loaded dishwasher uses much less water than washing dishes by hand.

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