FRYKEN Box with lid, set of 3, seagrass
FRYKEN Box with lid, set of 3, seagrass
FRYKEN Box with lid, set of 3, seagrass
FRYKEN Box with lid, set of 3, seagrass

These boxes are woven in seagrass by skilled craftsmen. The neat sizes are perfect for smaller things and make them easy to place, adding charm and character to the office, bathroom or bookshelf.

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Product description

Seagrass has natural colour variations which makes every basket unique.Each box is unique since it is handmade.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number803.281.45
  • Seagrass
  • Renewable materials, as opposed to fossil and finite materials, come from living sources that can be regenerated at the same rate as they are used up.By using only renewable materials in this product, we avoid using fossil or finite materials.

Measurements and packaging

    Box with lid, set of 3Article no.803.281.45

    Length: 11 cm

    Weight: 0.47 kg

    Diameter: 20 cm

    Package(s): 1




What is sedge (or seagrass)?

Sedge (or seagrass) grows naturally in South-East Asian coastal areas. For our products, we mainly use cultivated sedge from field areas that have previously been flooded by the sea, making them unsuitable for rice cultivation. But sedge grows well in salty soils and even helps cleanse them. After harvest, the plant is left to dry in the sun making it a hardwearing fibre ideal for weaving or braiding products with beautiful colour variations, like baskets and mats.

Box with lid, set of 3, seagrass

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