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Last chance

Hurry up now and discover our "now or never" items

Hej, it’s great to see you! Here, you will find our "last chance" items, which will soon be out of stock and are only available for a short time – sometimes at reduced prices. Whether it's storage solutions, kitchen accessories, office supplies or toys: sometimes we have to make room for new things – and that's how our "now or never" items come about. For you, that means you'll find plenty of tried-and-tested classics, seasonal treasures and unusual ideas. And it's always different things on offer, because at IKEA new things come and old things go all the time – and you can make sure you snap up all the best items. But remember, the things you find here today may be gone tomorrow. The clock is ticking. And please note: it's only while stocks last, which is why not all of the items are always available at every store. Happy browsing!

"Now or never" items from IKEA: it's been a pleasure

If you take a look around here, you might just discover one or two items that you already have at home or have always wanted to have at home. That's because all of the "now or never" items that you'll find here are seasonal treasures, classics and fun ideas that we only need to remove from our range because something new is coming along and we want to make sure we always offer you the latest ideas for your home. So if you want to re-stock your supplies at home, you discover something here that you've had on your wish list for a long time or you find something else useful, valuable and beautiful, then grab it now because these are our "last chance" items that are only available for a short time and will soon be out of stock. It also means that it's worth revisiting this page. Who knows what you'll find here tomorrow?

Only available for a short time: valuable, useful and beautiful things

Everything you'll find here falls under the category of "now or never" items. This where we show you accessories, decorations, furniture and much more that will soon be out of stock. With a little luck, you will find valuable items here like stylish furniture and elegant lighting, useful items like storage solutions, cable guides or kitchen textiles, and beautiful items like carpets, curtains or candles. Just like the regular IKEA range, our selection of "last chance" items is constantly changing? The only difference is that what you see here will soon be gone for good. So if you're looking to snap up some special treasures or bring home a timeless piece of furniture that may only be available second-hand somewhere in the vastness of the internet by tomorrow, then this is your chance.

Soon out of stock, so why not in your home instead?

What exactly are our "now or never" items anyway? They are absolutely "last chance" items that will soon be out of stock and are only available for a short time. This could be furniture with successors already waiting in the starting blocks or seasonal decorations that need to make way for the current range, but it could also be a large assortment of creative ideas that we want to bid a dignified farewell to in order to make room for new ideas in our stores and online. Most importantly, "now or never" items are ideal for your home. Maybe you prefer the predecessor of a current piece of furniture and can't wait to have it in your home? Or perhaps you were still undecided about whether you really wanted to get this particular lamp – in which case there is definitely a reason to do so now, because it will soon no longer be available. Seasonal items, on the other hand, may not be what you need right now, but we have a feeling that it will soon be spring, summer, autumn or winter again. So, yes, isn't it worth thinking about next year already and snapping up some beautiful decorations that may never be available again in the future?