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Old new Love – Let´s celebrate Secondhand day on September 25

For Secondhand day, we made life easier for all of us looking for IKEA products ready for a new home.

Every day, thousands of affordable and good-looking pre-loved IKEA products are made available online in Switzerland. Together with, we have gathered used IKEA furniture in a simple overview, where products are either being sold by the Circular Hubs in our stores or by our lovely customers.

What is the Secondhand day?

The Swiss Secondhand day is an initiative that promotes reuse and re-commerce of products across Switzerland.

IKEA Switzerland and our Circular Hubs are taking part in the Secondhand day as Circular Heroes. Read more about the Secondhand Day here. We can all contribute to a more sustainable world by adapting our behaviors, and every action counts.

Good deals for you and the planet

Shopping secondhand means saving resources, which is good for the planet, and for your wallet. Furniture is no exception, and we think that all furniture deserves a longer life. In our Circular Hubs you will find IKEA products ready for a second life in your home, all at incredibly affordable prices. Also, you can sell your old IKEA furniture back to us, and we will find it a new home through the Circular Hubs in all our stores.

    As usual, you will find an attractive selection of IKEA products that are given a second life, as well as sustainable services and tips for a more sustainable & circular lifestyle.

    We want to encourage you to make more sustainable decisions in your daily life, as well as give ideas and inspiration on what can come from used products so that you can enjoy them for longer.

    What is the Circular Hub?

    One of our biggest goals and challenges at IKEA is our commitment to become Circular and Climate positive by 2030. That means we will design all our products to fit in a circular world, and we have the ambition to only use renewable and recycled materials in our products. It also means that we want to provide new ways for you to acquire, care for and pass on products, to give them a longer life.

    That is good for our planet, and for your wallet. As part of our journey, we are transforming the previous ASIS areas of our IKEA stores into Circular Hubs.

    What can you do at the Circular Hub?

    Sell your old furniture to us

    Looking to part with your old IKEA furniture? If it’s still in good condition, sell it back to us and let us find someone who needs it.

    Take care of your products

    In the Learn & Share area, we give tips, inspiration, and ideas on how to live a more circular lifestyle.

    We want to make it easier to live a more circular and sustainable lifestyle - good for your wallet, and good for the planet. Hope to meet you in the Circular Hub soon!

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