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16 surprising facts about life at home in 2021

Around the world, our experiences of home have changed profoundly. For some, the home has been a sanctuary – a safe space to bond, relax and play. For others, the home has been a source of stress, as privacy eroded and productivity dipped.

To better understand how habits and routines have changed, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting statistics about life at home in 2021.

Fresh perspectives on what matters

With life temporarily put on hold, many people took time to re-examine their priorities around work, home and all that’s in between.

1 in 2
people are considering moving further from work for a better home.
(LAHR, 2020)

of women say living close to family and friends has grown in importance over the last year.
(LAHR, 2021)

1 in 4
say they’re likely to leave their employer as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.
(Ipsos, 2021)

No. 1
activity people want to continue to do at home is exercise.
(Voice of Consumer Demand, 2021)

The green revolution

More people have a newfound appreciation for nature, and more people are willing to protect the natural environment they’ve grown to love.

No. 1
global priority for a better life at home is a private garden or balcony.
(LAHR, 2021)

1 in 5
IKEA customers are buying more second hand items since the start of the pandemic.
(Voice of Customer Demand, 2021)

9 in 10
people are willing to take more action on climate change.
(Ingka Climate & Equality Action Research, 2021)

Nurturing family bonds

Time at home has given many families the chance to bond. And not just with humans. Pet ownership statistics echoed what we were seeing in the parks and all over social media – the importance of companionship.

of people say their relationship with their direct family has improved this year.
(LAHR, 2021)

Working from anywhere, everywhere

Our working from home statistics weren’t too surprising. As people realised the home office was to continue in the long-term, they began to invest in furniture to aid their focus, posture and productivity.

1 in 4
people say they’ve worked in their pyjamas.
(Uswitch, 2020)

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