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IKEA co-worker profile

A visit to Henrik

Minimalist order in Zurich’s creative Kreis 3 district

Henrik, what does home mean to you?

«It is the place where you can put down the mask that you wear all day and not have to be judged anymore. Home erases a difficult day and lets you do as you feel.»

What do you like best about your home?

I would love to be able to mooch about the apartment in my boxer shorts of a weekend, coffee in hand, but I now live on the ground floor. That is also the best thing about my apartment, though, because the large, wide-silled windows in the living room not only let in a lot of light but also serve as a kind of improvised balcony. I can dangle my feet out of the window with friends and enjoy a beer after work.

What exactly do you do at IKEA?

I am part of the marketing team and responsible for drawing up and implementing the advertising campaigns. Our team brings together the ideas that, through cooperation with our agencies, will later result in successful campaigns or events.

Do people often ask you if all your furniture is from IKEA?

Yes, I get that a lot. There is also an assumption that I know all the products by name, and friends will always let me know if a screw was missing from a kit.

OK, but let’s ask the question anyway: do you have a favourite IKEA product at home?

Yes, the open wardrobe from the SPÄNST series. This was a limited collection in collaboration with the fashion designer Chris Stamp. The nice thing about the wardrobe is that I can see my clothes and that the storage space is limited. If I had a big closet with doors, I’d almost certainly lose track of what I own. I keep my possessions to a minimum, and every time I buy something new I try to give something else away to compensate.

Is minimalism in general something that interests you?

It’s not my guiding philosophy in life, or I’d be making a more concerted effort. But I try to keep my outer and inner order in balance. If there is chaos in your head, you need order around you to function properly.

Do you have a favourite piece of furniture that doesn’t come from your employer?

Yes: two simple wooden chests. When I still had a roommate and we had hardly any furniture, we used them as a TV stand. Later they were converted into a coffee table, and today they are stacked on top of each other to house my music collection.

Do you have any little rituals in your home?

Not really, but I like to start the day with a cup of coffee and generally end it with a cup of tea.

That sounds relaxing. Is your work/life/sleep balance as balanced?

I’m trying. I bought myself a sleep tracker a little while ago. It is frightening how little deep sleep you have notched up by the end of the night. Once you deduct periods of wakefulness, nights are shorter than you would expect – often far short of the recommended eight hours’ sleep. I have found that I stop functioning properly if I sleep for less than six hours. Reason enough to get to bed at a decent time and say good night to the day. Besides, sleep is great (laughs).

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