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IKEA co-worker profile

A visit to Piotr

For me, this house means a sense of freedom.

Piotr Scigalski is an Online Commercial Planning Specialist at IKEA Switzerland and has been working for the company for almost 18 years. He lives in Baden with his wife Dominika and his children Hugo and Bruno.

Piotr, you live with your family in a single-family home in Baden. How long has this been the case?
We moved in last spring. Before that, we lived in a rented flat in Baden and also lived and worked in London for a long time. Originally, my wife Dominika and I come from Poland. We were determined to fulfil our dream of owning our own home. It simply offers more space and privacy. For me, this house means a sense of freedom. We very much enjoy being able to do what we want here.

Do you have a fondness for old houses?
Yes, I like it when something tells a story and has its own charm and character. When we bought the house, the interiors were in need of renovation – especially the kitchen and the bathroom. Certain details such as the parquet and terracotta floors, on the other hand, were well preserved and of exceptional quality that is hard to find nowadays. It was important to us that we preserve the style of the house and its historic features. You decided to tread carefully with the renovations.

What was the focus here?
It happens far too often that time-honoured elements are lost in the renovation process. We wanted to avoid this. Our goal was to bring a breath of fresh air into the house and give it a modern touch here and there, so that it would feel more homely again. But we didn’t want to turn it into a glossy brochure apartment, but rather a home in which we could feel comfortable.

How did you go about renovating it?
We started by setting ourselves a budget (laughs). Since we want to do as much as possible ourselves, we are doing the renovation step by step. Right at the start we opened the kitchen out to the dining and living space and installed a completely new kitchen from IKEA. We have also extensively renovated the bathroom. Next, a room in the basement will be made into a guest room and studio where Dominika can paint. And of course, now that summer is here, we want to tackle a project or two in the garden.

It seems like you and Dominika are real renovation pros…
We love projects like this! I currently work at IKEA in the E-Commerce team, but before that I worked in the Interior Design and Visual Merchandising area for several years. Dominika is an architect. We both enjoy coming up with creative ideas and then making them happen. And it wasn’t our first renovation project. We’ve already renovated a house in England before.

What’s your favourite place in the house?
Once it gets warmer again, we like to be outside in the garden. There’s plenty of room there for the kids to let off steam. Inside, our lives revolve around the dining room with the open-plan kitchen. I love our big table where we gather as a family or with friends, eat and drink, do crafts or work.

Do you have a lot of furniture from IKEA?
Yeah, quite a few (laughs) – I think it’s more than 50%. But some of our furniture and a lot of our personal belongings are still in Poland at the moment. We also like to look for second-hand vintage furniture and accessories and make little changes to the interior every now and then.

And what do you particularly like about where you live in Baden?
Baden is small and charming and has a beautiful old town. Everything here is a little more compact than in a big city. There is a lot of nature and yet Zurich is not far away.

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