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Appliance damage

We are very sorry if you have a problem with your appliance, and we therefore always try to find a solution as quickly as possible. Before you call us, please follow the steps below:

Appliance damage
Appliance damage


Look at the troubleshooting section in the instruction manual and then follow the step-by-step guide.

The instruction manual may also be available online.
Search for the product in the search field (A) at the top edge of the page. If the instruction manual for the product is available, you will see the download for the manual (B) on the product details page.


If the product is covered by an IKEA guarantee, you will need to have your receipt in order to benefit from this coverage.


Make sure you have the article number (A), manufacturer number (B) and service number (C).

You’ll find the numbers in the following locations:

  • Dishwashers: on the right-hand side of the front.
  • Espresso machines: behind the water container.
  • Gas stoves: on the back.
  • Cooking hobs: on the underside.
  • Extractor hoods: behind the filter.
  • Refrigerators and freezers: on the inside of the frame.
  • Ovens: on the right side.
  • Warming drawers: on the right side when opened.
  • Washing machines: inside the front.
  • Coolers: inside the top part.
  • Microwave ovens: on the left side.

Manufacturer numbers:

  • Bauknecht (Whirlpool): 18535/ 23256/ 23244/ 23232
  • Electrolux: 21552
  • Faber: 23199
  • Elica (Dunstabzüge): 23244

A: article number, B: manufacturer number and C: service number.


Call Bauknecht (Whirlpool): 022 567 53 45
Spare parts: 084 880 10 05
Cost: Local rates apply
Office hours: Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Call Electrolux: 031 550 03 24
Spare parts: 084 884 84 11
Cost: Local rates apply
Office hours: Monday to Friday 7.30 a.m. to 17.00 p.m.

Call Faber (Extractor hoods): 022 567 53 45
Supplier code: 23199
Supported by Whirlpool

Call Elica (Extractor hoods): 022 567 53 45
Supplier code: 23244
Supported by Whirlpool

A service technician will contact you within two business days to arrange an appointment.