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Rate & Review your IKEA product

Ratings & Reviews is a tool that supports you, and other customers, in evaluating products before purchase. It also helps us at IKEA to improve our range and make better products for you. Write your first Rating & Review today! It’s easy!

Four simple steps to Rate & Review your IKEA products:


Step 1

Log in to your IKEA account (or create a new profile).

Step 2

Navigate to the IKEA product you wish to rate and review on

Step 3

Write your product review and rate it by using the star system under the “Ratings” tab on right side at the product page.

Step 4

Keep an eye out for an email response if your review is approved or posted live on our site. Thanks for your feedback!

You can review all the products that have a product information page on The product information page is the page on which you will see the item number, dimensions and availability of the product in question.

You can also review IKEA products that you have not bought yourself. However, in order to provide a fair product review, you should have experience of the product in question.